Prebiotics Fructose oligosaccharides (FOS)

Prebiotics help our Probiotic Powder to do a Great Job!

Fructose oligosaccharides (FOS) are also known as Prebiotics. Although Prebiotics are not living organisms themselves, Fructose oligosaccharides prebiotics act as a type of food that give Probiotics a great environment to survive in, helping the natural growth and activity of the probiotic beneficial bacteria in the colon and digestive system.

A Comprehensive Probiotic Powder.

We have added the Prebiotic Fructose oligosaccharides (FOS) to our unique probiotic powder for children and babies so that the 7 strains of beneficial bacteria in our probiotic formula have the best chance of surviving so that they can be as effective as possible in your child’s colon and digestive system.

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