How Tummy Buddies Can Improve Your Child’s Health


During & After Antibiotics

Quickly restore the good bacteria during and after a course of antibiotics.

Quick Relief For Diarrhoea

Increases good bacteria to effectively combat upset stomachs and diarrhoea.

Back To School Health Boost

Boost your child’s immune system before going back to school or nursery.

Support For Babies With Colic

Relieve symptoms of Colic, Gas, and Trapped Wind.

Combat Oral Thrush Symptoms

Boost probiotic bacteria to help combat symptoms of Oral Thrush at the root cause.

Suitable For Newborns & Infants

Suitable for newborn babies and children up to 12 years.*

Additive Free Guarantee

Our children’s probiotic powder contains no additives guaranteed!

Easy To Use Sachets

Simply add 1 sachet to food, water, milk or juice.

Vegetarian Friendly

Tummy Buddies is suitable for Vegetarians.

No Added Nasties

Our formula contains no added wheat, gluten, sugar, yeast or artificial colours!

1 Billion Friendly Bacteria

Our probiotic powder contains a child size dose of 1 billion friendly bacteria per sachet.

Child & Baby Safe Formula

Tried & tested formula for everyday use.

Help Tummy Buddies win the battle against the evil Tummy Baddies