Why Probiotic Powder?

Children's Probiotic Powder In Easy To Take Sachets.

Why choose a Probiotic Powder?

When it comes to children and babies, it can be hard at the best of times to feed your little ones food that promote good bacteria for their digestive system, and know that not only are they getting the best quality probiotics that promote good digestive health, but also in the right quantities for maximum benefit.

Most probiotics supplements for children come in capsule form, which can be awkward to give, and difficult for your child to swallow.

Children’s Probiotic Powder in Easy To Use Sachets.

Tummy Buddies probiotic powder has been formulated to not only give your child the best quality probiotic strains available, but with our 1 gram easy to take and convenient sachets, you know that you are giving your child the exact amount to help them get back to full health.

Probiotic Powder is Easier for Children to Take.

Simply add one sachet a day of Tummy Buddies probiotic powder to your child’s food, water, milk or juice. Not only are they getting 7 strains of good bacteria including the child specific Bifidobacterium infantis, but it is a hassle free way to ensure they are getting the right amount.